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*Raving Fans*Endless Referrals*Grow Your Business*

How are we different?

People react to people.  All other review generating software is entirely based on the robots, and when someone knows this they pay little attention to giving a review.  Lead-Stack uses robots while adding the perfect amount of human interaction, increasing returns to 50-80%, 3 times the industry standard.


How will this make my life better?

Lead-Stack finds the clients who love what you offer, makes it easy for them to shout it to the world, then rewards them by finding out how we can serve them and their friends more.  Your clients are happier, and your business thrives.

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What's my investment?

$300 per month and someone in your office plugs in the name, phone and email of your customers.  Then you make sure someone is ready to answer the phone. 

That's it!


Reserve Your Stack

Because we work with a limited number of clients we have to ensure we have the time and space to fully serve each of our own clients with the attention to make them successful.  We will review your company and reply asap.  

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